87th Anti-Tank Casualties

This post has been edited as it does not reflect the casualties of 7th Devons prior to the unit change to the anti-tank role. The number of wounded is currently unknown. Casualties The unit history (contained in The Devons by Jeremy Taylor) lists the following personnel as having died in service with 87th Anti-Tank Regiment.Continue reading “87th Anti-Tank Casualties”

10 Platoon, C Coy, 7th Battalion, Devons, 1941

10 Platoon, C Coy, 7th Battalion, Royal Devonshire Regiment. Bulford Camp, 1941. (Photo from the collection of the late Mr Freddie Friend) Back Row Left to Right. W.Clark,J.Mumby,H.Bower,C.Busby,L.Maxwell,C.Jordan. 4Th Row Left to Right. R.Webber,W.Locke,R.Tyler,J.Bulley,R.Smerdon,B. Lorraine,D.Gunter,T. Elton. 3rd Row Left to Right. J.Anderson,E.Pickford,T.Elders,C.Haddrel,L.Locke,E.Uerson(?),D.Jessop,L.Edwards. 2nd Row Left to Right. Cpl. Elison,G.Walker,J.Mollholand, Henry ‘Harry’ Marsh,T.Merrifield,C. Merrifield,L.Febe(?),T.Tweedle. Front RowContinue reading “10 Platoon, C Coy, 7th Battalion, Devons, 1941”